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Kayden420 Biography
Name: Kayden Faye
Age: 25, I'm an Aries :)
Hometown: Residing in Southern California!

Short Biography: I'm a home body from right outside of Phoenix.
When I'm not working on the site or my Instagram, I enjoy cruising with my friends,
getting tattooed and pierced, looking for new girls to play with on my site,
and chillin' out :) I used to be a Suicide Girl, but decided that I really needed
to do they wouldn't let me and my friends do. Join us on here, won't you?

About My Site: When you become a member, you get access to both
high-definition and low-definition videos of me playing with myself, and me playing with
some friends :). I also have tons of photo sets of me in different outfits,
some where I'm playing with my cookie ;). You get a look into my
life, what I do everyday, and see me get a little naughty while I'm doing it.
You can totally watch me experiment with other girls I find online soon, and watch
me get naughty with whoever I can get my hands on! Make me your internet affair...
I won't tell anyone ;) And now that I've got my webcam connected, you can come
join me and tell me what you want to me to do for you live via streaming video ;)

Favorites: Kotton Mouth Kings, Family Guy, Sublime,
Authority Zero, Conan O'Brien, and doing it doggystyle ;)
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Blue-Hair and Polkadot Panties
Blue-Hair and Polkadot Panties 04.29.2013

Red Vibrator and Solo
Red Vibrator and Solo 04.28.2013

POV BJ and Sex with Blue & Purple Hair Emo
Army Mermaid Solo 04.02.2013

POV BJ and Sex with Blue & Purple Hair Emo
Foot Fetish Hitachi Video 03.29.2013

POV BJ and Sex with Blue & Purple Hair Emo
Wife Won't Know BJ Video 03.22.2013

POV BJ and Sex with Blue & Purple Hair Emo
Blue & Purple Hair Emo POV 03.08.2013

Ladie Lane Nude
Ladie Lane's Purple Rain 03.01.2013

Kayden's XXX-Mas 02.22.2013

Clothed Female Nude Male POV 02.11.2013

Hot Pink Self Shot Solo 02.09.2013

Favorite Video Updates

We now have over 55 full length video updates at over 900 HD minutes,
totaling over 205 videos with various file formats both download and streaming!

kayden420 - wiifuck
Wii Fuck - Video
Length: 12 min. 37 sec.

kayden420 - touch me touch u
Touch Me Touch U
Length: 13 min. 34 sec.

kayden420 - nightvision sex
Nightvision Sex
Length: 9 min. 31 sec.

kayden420 - the voyeur watches
The Voyeur Watches
Length: 9 min. 3 sec.

kayden420 - fingerpainting blowjob
Fingerpainting Blowjob
Length: 8 min. 39 sec.

kayden420 - relaxing masturbation
Length: 9 min. 1 sec.

kayden420 - webcam show sex
Webcam Show Quickie
Length: 8 min. 50 sec.

kayden420 - my huge orgasm
My Huge Orgasm
Length: 10 min. 0 sec.

kayden420 - footjob pov
A Real Foot Massage
Length: 10 min. 23 sec.

kayden420 - handjob before work
Handjob Before Work
Length: 5 min. 37 sec.

kayden420 - my first anal
My First Anal Ever
Length: 22 min. 52 sec.

kayden420 - yoga girl gives blowjob
Yoga then a Blowjob
Length: 8 min. 43 sec.

kayden420 - secret stolen sex tape
Stolen Sex Tape!
Length: 7 min. 31 sec.

kayden420 - shower and blowjob
Shower and a Blowjob
Length: 7 min. 56 sec.

kayden420 - hot and quick solo
Quick Solo b4 Partying
Length: 9 min. 7 sec.

kayden420 - after shower
After the Shower
Length: 10 min. 17 sec.

kayden420 - getting of before work
Getting Off b4 Work
Length: 12 min. 04 sec.

kayden420 - pool party
The Pool Party
Length: 9 min. 12 sec.

kayden420 - the voyeur caught
The Voyeur Caught
Length: 13 min. 31 sec.

kayden420 - smoking cam show
Smoking Cam Show
Length: 32 min. 18 sec.

kayden420 - sorry i'm taken
Sorry I'm Taken pt.1
Length: 14 min. 01 sec.

kayden420 - taken part 2
I'm Taken pt.2
Length: 12 min. 34 sec.

kayden420 - while i was waiting
While I Was Waiting
Length: 11 min. 51 sec.

kayden420 - self shot masturbation
Shot Myself Masturbating
Length: 9 min. 09 sec.

kayden420 - first blowjob
My First Blowjob
Length: 14 min. 24 sec.

Favorite Photo Updates

We now have over 6,307 high resolution exclusive photos, totaling over 50 photo updates!

kayden420 - andi loves ac/dc
Andi <3's AC/DC

kayden420 - jasper trash nude
Jasper Trash's Debut

kayden420 - ladie lane's birthday
Ladie Lane's Birthday

kayden420 - self shot nude pics
Self-Shot Candlelight

kayden420 - nude in blue stripes
Kayden's Blue Stripes

kayden420 - naked skater girl
Naked Skater Girl

kayden420 - nude in kid robot
Nude in Kid Robot

kayden420 - self shot nude in overalls
Self Shot In My Overalls

kayden420 - touching my naked body
Touching My Body

kayden420 - boobs for breakfast
Boobs for Breakfast

kayden420 - pink light nudes
The Flashing Pink Light

kayden420 - all natural
All Natural Photo Set

kayden420 - i touch myself
I Touch Myself

kayden420 - bathtub nude
In My Bathtub

kayden420 - naked in green
Bob Marley Portrait

kayden420 - panty play
Kayden's Panty Play
Over 85 Photos

kayden420 - riley and me
Riley and Me
Over 180 Photos

kayden420 - arizona car flash
Arizona Trip
Over 90 Photos

kayden420 - naked in the window
Naked in the Window
Over 110 Photos

kayden420 - i shot myself
I Shot Myself, Again
Over 80 Photos

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